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Tricolour ~ Republic Day India

Every Indian heart swells with pride as the Tricolour unfurls, unleashing waves of patriotism and celebrating the spirit of freedom. Vibrant colours are symbolic of India and its national flag.

The Sarangi collection salutes this spirit of freedom and offers a select collection of saris symbolizing the tricolour of the country's flag. The plain expanse of sheer, shimmering silk is like a canvas allowing you to experiment: embellish it with delicate embroidery, a show-stopper border, use deft brush strokes to paint on it or team it with one of those alluring blouses from our sister store, Padma Paaduka.

Popularly known as bhagwa, the saffron colour is synonymous with Indian yogis and is known to elevate the spirit to higher levels of consciousness.



Pristine white stands for peace, purity, innocence, virginity and truth. It also represents light, knowledge and an illuminated mind.


Symbolic of renewed energy, life, growth, fertility, vibrancy and plenty, the green colour reflects a spectrum of hues inspired from nature.


Sarangi, the house of Kanjivaram Silk Saris, is a beautiful store located in Chennai, India. It features a collection ranging from festive saris and bridal saris to corporate saris and evening wear saris. You can view and purchase Kanjivarams from Sarangi on this website.
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