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Our Beautiful Store: Ambience

Shopping is not an experience everyone enjoys. And shopping for that perfect kanjivaram sari is all the more difficult, in most sari stores. Be it the task of finding suitable parking space, to dealing with over-zealous sales staff, to being made to stand throughout, nothing is conducive to selecting that gorgeous yardage of silk that one has been yearning for.

Which is exactly why at Sarangi, our aim is to make our customer’s visit as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Kanjivaram silk saris are given the right amount of respect and loving treatment that they deserve in reverence to the effort put in by the hard-working and talented weaver.

The interiors are plush and comfortable without being garish and in-your-face.  The upholstered antique furniture are an invitation to sink into  a comfortable and relaxed zone, so that one can go through each and every beautiful piece with a calm and focused mind. The lush greenery visible from the large picture windows only enhance this experience.

The beautifully & intricate antique mirrors placed thoughtfully around the store, help you in deciding which of the Sarangi saris is going to give you that “feel beautiful” moment.

The floral murals on the walls, the traditional Annapakshi lamps all contribute to a rich and traditional atmosphere at our store.

Everything is tied together by our wonderful and talented staff who understand in a blink of an eye, exactly what you are looking for and what will make you look instantly more gorgeous.  Of course, to experience that, you must walk into our store.


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