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Gandhigram Presents - The Magic of Khadi

Gandhigram Presents - The Magic of Khadi

Gandhigram - The Magic of Khadi

Gandhigram Khadi Trust introduces a range of Khadi cotton sarees, stoles, yardage and other products. Made with azo-free dyes as well as using natural dyes, this is a design-led range for people who seek to introduce socially beneficial and ecologically sensible products into their lives.

The yarn used has been spun on ambar charkha and woven by hand the traditional way. The sarees feature traditional border detailing and motifs.

The product range is as follows:

  • Muslin khadi sarees
  • Idaikkal khadi sarees
  • T. Subbulapuram khadi sarees
  • Khadi yardage (fabrics by the metre) in natural dyes
  • Khadi yardage (fabrics by the metre) in azo-free dyes
  • Towels in two sizes - large and small
  • Khadi dhotis
  • Khadi kerchiefs

Mr. D. Jegannathan, CEO of Gandhigram says, “We have worked for the past two years to change the design sensibility of our products. With this objective, we worked with a textile designer trained at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. The present range is an outcome of that effort. The feedback we have received so far has been very positive and encouraging. Our khadi sarees have been recently exhibited at an exhibition in Dubai and were well-received.

About Khadi

The fabric of the freedom movement, is truly indian in spirit. In producing khadi, a large number of people in the rural sectors are given employment in processes like, spinning, weaving, dyeing etc. Khadi is a fabric that is spun by hand and woven on the handlooms. The hand-involved processes lend a unique texture to the cloth and is sought after by many.

About Gandhigram

Gandhigram came into existence in 1947 through the efforts of Dr. T.S. Soundram and Dr. G.Ramachandran who wanted to create a model that would concentrate on the complete development of the human being. Gandhigram’s core work involves providing access to affordable essential services to the rural community in health, education and social welfare, co-creating knowledge with the communities leveraging their traditional strengths, and make them applicable for modern times and ultimately strengthening the community by facilitating economic development programmes, creating livelihood opportunities and self-managed development programmes.

About Exhibition

The exhibition will be open from September 24 - 26 (Friday - Sunday), 2021. The timings are 10 am to 8 pm and it will take place at Sarangi, 138 Luz Church Road (opp. Alwarpet Anjaneyar Temple), Mylapore, Chennai 600004.

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