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The Versatile Patli Pallu Sarees

The Versatile Patli Pallu Sarees

The main image of a Patli pallu saree

The most versatile piece of cloth, the saree, is not only created in numerous different patterns, it can also be worn is more than 100 different ways. Every state and region in India has its own style of wearing this adaptable garb.

An interesting saree style or pattern is the patli pallu.

Patli is pleated and pallu is one end of the saree that usually falls over the shoulder, the anchal. In the patli pallu, the saree is designed in such a way that the body is of one colour and the pleats and pallu are of another colour. In hand woven patli pallu sarees, each of these parts of the saree is woven separately.

The patli pallu can feature designs such as motifs, checks, stripes, buttis, and embroidery, too. The saree is draped in such a manner that the vertical pattern gets highlighted. A number of women prefer this pattern because it elegantly gives an illusion of added height to the figure.

The colours are mostly contrasting, which brings out the beauty and accentuate its style. This vertical patterned saree has been embraced in different kinds of weaves – Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Bhandhini, Bhagalpuri, Banarasi, and Mangalagiri among other types of weaves.

For patterns, weaves, drape styles, and techniques of creation, the saree never stops to amaze. One of the few garments in the world that are in the form of an unstitched, single piece of cloth, the saree carries a versatility comparable to no other.

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