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The Shining Lights of Deepavali

From the shy, serene glow of clay diyas to brilliantly exploding fireworks, Deepavali lights up our homes and the skies, a spectacular finale to India’s festive season.

Tradition, myth, spirituality, and materialism all come together in a glorious mix in this most popular of Hindu festivals. On the one hand, Deepavali is an unabashed celebration of prosperity and good fortune, as homes across the land gear up to welcome Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, during her annual sojourn on earth. The lighting of lamps is also specifically associated with Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya from exile, when loyal subjects lit his path with millions of gleaming deepam or lamps.

Southern India wakes up to Deepavali in the early hours of the dawn to celebrate the victory of good over evil, as symbolized in the epic battle between Lord Vishnu and the demonic Narakasura. Wherever one may live, Deepavali is a festival of bonhomie and goodwill, a time for indulgence, enjoyment, and new beginnings.

Deepavali is also a visual spectacle when homes are newly painted and rich food and sweets are prepared and served. Much of the festival’s color and brilliance of comes from the rich, traditional clothes worn on the occasion. Kanjivaram saris, with their deep, jewel tones, shimmering zari work and elaborately crafted motifs have been a favored choice among women for centuries, virtually embodying the spirit of Deepavali. With a keen eye for evolving tastes, the weavers who carry on this ancient tradition skillfully adapt new techniques to ancient designs, to create saris that are works of art.

Sarangi, the house of Kanjivaram Silk Saris, is a beautiful store in Chennai. It features a collection ranging from classics to masterpieces. Each and every Sarangi sari is handwoven with passion and perfection.This Deepavali, drape yourself in a Sarangi Kanjivaram – and feel like a goddess!
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