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The Grid and Grit of Silk – on the Loom

The Grid and Grit of Silk – on the Loom

The handloom weavers of the Kanjeevaram sarees have a special relationship with the loom.

Kanjivaram Loom grid

The carrier of the age-old techniques, a witness to the yarns and designs that have emerged over the years - it is the loom that enhances the making of the sarees for the weavers.

The making of each Kanjeevaram saree is firmly embedded in grids of silk threads…and almost magically, unfolds the saree. Thread by thread, one clank of the loom after the other, the Kanjeevaram is brought together. As colors start merging and motifs start emerging, the body of the saree – udal unites with the borders on both sides and the pallu on one end.

The meticulous harmonization of the hands of the weavers and the keen eyes for detail, all come together, each tightly woven into traditions, culture, history, and love for what they do. The weavers use the age-old technique of korvai to create the saree on the loom. “A Korvai saree’s border and pallu are of the same color, and are in bright contrast to the “body”. Weavers use the ancient craft of three-shuttle weaving and interlocking weft to achieve this effect.”

Sarangi, the house of handwoven Kanjivaram Sarees, is a beautiful store in Chennai. Its Silk Saris are a perfect combination of Classic Motifs, Colours, and Weaves.

Source: Weaving of a Kanjeevaram Saree

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