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Silken Seed of Divinity

There is a fascinating legend related with the Rudraksh. The term in essence refers to the tears of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva meditated for numerous years for the wellbeing of all creatures. But, when he opened his eyes, he saw people in pain all around.

Lord Shiva could not see the sufferings and problems of the people and started to shed tears. Mother Nature transformed the tear drops into the Rudraksh trees. The other names for Lord Shiva are Rudra and the “Lord of tears”. Rudra is a term used to refer one who relieves others from sufferings and pain. There are different forms of Rudra, namely Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Sun, Space, Moon etc.

It is believed that the seed of Rudraksha contains the secrets of entire evolution of the cosmos within it and are considered very sacred.

The rudraksh beads on kanjivaram saris are woven lovingly with silken golden thread and add an ethereal touch to what is usually a simple 6 yards of kanjivaram silk. At Sarangi, we feel it adds a divine touch to our beautiful weaves.

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