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Our Beautiful Store: Flowers and the Garden

In this section, we’d like to share some of the things we love and cherish about our beautiful store– a place we regard as the home of Sarangi – a place where beauty quietly and serenely envelops you.

One of the things we consider special about our beautiful store is our access to a lovely little garden. Sarangi is all about celebrating beauty and what can be more inspiring than nature’s beauty. Walking up the stairs to Sarangi, the landing with this huge picture window is a compelling stop. One can pause, reflect and feast one’s eyes on the greenery and flowers right below.

The lush green of the lawn, the pretty flowers that border the grass and the different shaped leaves of the various plants – remind us that a lot of the beauty we see in our saris is simply a reflection of nature. From folk songs to traditional weaves, flowers have been used as metaphors and motifs. Many an ode to a beautiful woman likens her to a gorgeous flower – depending on which of her features or virtues is being highlighted in the verse. Hence, we have references to the lotus for purity and beauty, the lily for elegance, the rose for romance and passion and the jasmine for fragrance. Not to be outdone by the poets and the bards, our master weavers have always found ways to use flowers as expressions of beauty through their looms.

This week, we are celebrating the beauty of flowers in every way we can. Our curation of saris this week is based on the flower theme. Appropriately, this is also the week when World Environment Day was commemorated (5th June). So do take a moment to savour and cherish the abundance of beauty that surrounds us.


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