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Meet the Artists: April

Photo Courtesy: Prakash Bala

“Meet the Artists” was an event sponsored by Sarangi and was hosted at the new Paduka Store in Alwarpet. The first edition featured “Ranjani and Gayatri”.

Ranjani and Gayatri or RaGa as they are now know as, were born in a Palakkad Iyer family deeply involved in classical music and their innate musical talents were discovered at a very early age. They began their music career as violin duet artists achieving success as duet performers, and subsequently as violin accompanists. The sisters switched over to and have given vocal concerts since 1997. Within three years of switching to vocal performances, they won high praises from critics and music lovers all over the globe. Their music, imbued with a deep and abiding classicism, has been described as an exhilarating blend of vitality, melody and emotion. Ever since their debut in 1997, they have performed in all prominent sabhas in the December Music Festival in Chennai, and at premier institutions all over the country. They have to their credit several album releases, both violin and vocal.

The “Meet the Artist” event was attended by enthusiastic and adoring fans who were at the beautiful Paduka Store by 9am to have a traditional South Indian breakfast and filter coffee. They were delighted that they had a chance to have an interactive chat with the Ra-Ga sisters. Ranjani and Gayatri wardrobe for the event was sponsored by Sarangi- The Kanjivaram Sari Store, and was in keeping with their trademark look.

The aim of to keep the the magic of the Margazhi season alive throughout the year, was appreciated by the sisters, who proceeded to be very informal and candid through the entire interaction.

The audience were inquisitive to find out as to how their career germinated as violin artists, evolved into vocal artists and whether singing together as sisters was a boon or a disadvantage to their performance. Ranjani narrated as to how they got a chance to sing in front of a big audience for the first time when the main singer was unable to make it and hence giving the Ra-Ga sisters an attempt to present their vocal talent.

When asked as to which part of the concert remains special and embedded in their mind for ever, Gayatri explained the way the ragas are rendered and that there are those special moments where she feels she is connected with the music and how the ragas flow naturally in their mind without conscious thought and planning. Ranjani stressed on how critical it is to put their thoughts and heart into their music, from Varanam till Mangalam, the dedication and the thought process that is involved while planning and rendering a concert.

At Sarangi, the Kanjivaram Sari Store, we are proud to have been part of this wonderful event and hope to be able to share with all of you details of many such events in the future.


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