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Introducing Lovingly Handwoven in India

On the occasion of the 67th Republic Day, Sarangi introduces Lovingly Handwoven in India, a concept and an approach to recognize, appreciate and enjoy the variety of handwoven textiles made in India.

It aligns with Make in India, an initiative of the Government of India.

Silk sarees handmade in India. South Indian wedding silks and bridal sarees.
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India is a land of handlooms. Weaving is practiced in almost every part of the country. Each region produces fabrics that are unique and distinct. The different combinations of yarn, weaving techniques, colours, motifs and patterns result in the widest range of specialised handwoven textiles produced anywhere in the world, making India the largest producer of handloom fabrics.


Handloom wedding silk sarees. Kanchivaram silks. Fabrics, textiles and weaves of south India.
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Handloom weaving has been practiced in our land for more than five thousand years. Weaving has been a sustainable form of self-employment, making the weaver an independent entrepreneur. Both men and women are engaged in weaving in flexible time schedules.

Kanjivarams are also known as Kanchivarams. Celebrating wedding silks and saris from Kanchipuram.
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Weaving develops multiple skills of a weaver. They become skilled in mathematics, science and art. Whether it is the yarn count, proportions of various elements, or the interplay of colours, the weaver learns to master complex concepts and techniques; it also improves their hand-body-eye-mind coordination and spatial thinking.

Thus, handlooms can be considered ethical fashion.

Pure zari silk sarees for wedding and bridal occasions. Pure silk sarees are handlooms of south India. Handcrafted with love.
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A handwoven saree is wearable high art. It is a beautiful product of the work of specialist spinners, dyers, artists and weavers. Each one playing their role in a spirit of dedication, passion and love. Which is why we say every Sarangi sari is Lovingly Handwoven in India.

We created these four artworks to represent the creative arts and diversity of our beautiful country as a part of the Lovingly Handwoven in India initiative.

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