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Golden Raindrops….

“Rain falling around, Its just the sound

I like to hear, when my heart’s feeling down

Try to smile once again,

As they splash my window pane

I quite like that, I don’t mind

I’ve got no complaint

Rain drops that dance, It’s a strange kind of romance

I don’t know why, But I’m feeling fine

Watch the rhythm of the rain falling down”

– The Indian Rain by Colonial Cousins – Leslie Lewis and Hariharan

It is true then. Rain evokes images of romance, of beauty, of rhythm. For poets, musicians, the eternal romantic – rain is soothing, beautiful and inspiring. It does seem, that this holds true for even our master weavers in Kanjivaram.

That perhaps explains how they have taken the rhythmic beauty of the pretty rain-drop and made it a motif and indeed a metaphor for nature-inspired beauty. All of last week, we showcased some gorgeous Kanjivaram silks woven with the raindrop motif. Apt timing we believe, as most of us eagerly await the onset of the most exciting season – monsoon in India.

Rain has an effect of making everything appear more beautiful – the grass seems greener, the trees appear fresher, the air feels purer and the earth simply smells divine. So too, the rain motif is intertwined with other nature based motifs like the kodi (creeper), the mayil (peacock) or the annam (bird) to create a beautiful tapestry in silk.

Earthy colours of silk, shades of blue and green – offer a vibrant canvas to showcase this versatile motif. Hope you’ve enjoyed their grandeur and beauty over the last week.

The rains bring out the essence of Sarangi -the Kanjivaram store. The warmth spilling out onto the rain-washed cobble- stoned entrance, welcomes one and all into our beautiful store.

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