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Colours of an Indian Wedding

Long after the rituals, feasting, music and gaiety are but a memory, the colours of an Indian wedding remain indelibly imprinted upon our consciousness ­– a vivid, beautiful palette that celebrates the union of two hearts!

In India, the bright but gentle hues of traditional wedding decorations create a cheerful, welcoming ambience. In South Indian weddings, large, intricate ‘kolams’ on the ground, dramatic in white or multicoloured in rangoli powders, are the first sight that greet wedding guests. The dark green of mango leaves, brilliant marigold and the pearl white of jasmine create an auspicous and aesthetic aura.

These sacred, timeless hues are a lovely backdrop for the ocean of colour that floods our weddings. The crisp white or cream dhotis and coloured kurtas or shirts sported by men, offers simple relief from the women’s attire. Gold and gemstones compete with a rainbow of sari colours.  The Kanjivaram reigns supreme in different shades of rich, luxurious silk. From deep, ageless colours like maroon, forest green and mustard to cool, pretty pastels like lilac, baby pink and teal – the colours of the Kanjivaram offer  pure sensory delight.

The bridal ensemble, naturally, is the cynosure of all eyes ­– beautifully woven silk sari with zari accents, and precious ornaments adorn her from head to toe – transforming her on her special day into a radiant  celestial being. Creating the perfect, dramatic contrast to the bride’s resplendance is the groom – stunning in cream or white garments.

From the smorgasbord of colours described above, allow us to paint for you the chaste, subtle hues of a church wedding. Whites and creams reign supreme here, complemented by delicate floral decor in pastels – lilies, soft petalled roses and other seasonal blooms. In India, often, the Kanjivaram sari is favoured over a bridal gown and the Queen of silks excels in creating a beautiful contrast against the smartly cut black of the groom’s formal suit. The sombre beauty of a church interior is a rich background to the moving ceremony.

Dressing up for the wedding is however not the sole privilege of the bride. Close relatives and friends and guests also take care to plan their sari or attire for the various wedding functions. It is not uncommon to see ladies of the bridal party or from the groom’s family co-ordinating and wearing similar shades of silk.

Conversations about the choice of colours precede many other arrangements for the event! “How about we wear green for the pre-wedding ceremony ?” “Perhaps midnight blue is a great shade to wear for the engagement ceremony?” “Let us bring out the reds and oranges for the wedding day!” “Why don’t we look at some pastel shades for the reception ?”

Picture courtesy: Wedding Memoirs


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