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Bordered in beauty

The beauty and distinguishing element of a Kanjivaram often comes from its border. The type of border that one wants in the sari often dictates the choice of sari. The amount of zari, the motifs used, the space between motifs, the choice of contrasting colours, the width or height of the border – all these go into determining the final look of the sari’s border. In this two-part article, let us look at some of the TALL BORDERS that one would encounter while shopping for authentic, beautiful Kanjivarams.

 The Rising Border

The Rising Borders: This type of border literally rises along the length of the sari to ascend upward and around the wearer’s body. While this rising border has been present in our Kanjivaram weaves for a long time, it earned the nickname of “Airline” border keeping in mind that the rising border is like a aircraft taking off into the skies. You can wear saris with this border to accentuate your height.

Temple Borders: Usually recommended for women who enjoy the advantage of height, Kanjivarams with tall temple borders are ever popular. The temple has been one of the very popular motifs while designing saris with tall borders. The form of the temple easily lends itself to greater height while the spike of the temple spire is an inspiration for creating beautiful patterns across the body of the sari.

 Tall Borders

Rudraksh Borders: Yet another well loved tall border uses the rudraksh motif in multiple lines that run all along the border, creating a beautiful pattern for a lovely visual impact. Tall borders are usually kept to one side of the sari so that when draped, the overall impact in the front is striking and elegant.

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