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General Information:
Once-daily RYBELSUS® (semaglutide) tablets is similar to a natural gut hormone (incretin) in your body . It is a prescription medicine used along with diet and exercise for weight loss and to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Appetite Reduction
Rybelsus's impacts GLP-1 receptors in the brain, especially in the hypothalamus, control our hunger and fullness. When GLP-1 binds to these receptors, it tells the brain to reduce appetite and cravings. This means you'll feel less hungry and more satisfied with smaller meals.Rybelsus also slows down how quickly the stomach empties its contents into the small intestine. Slower stomach emptying means food stays in your stomach longer after you eat, making you feel full for a longer time and reducing the urge to eat more.

Blood Sugar Management
Semaglutide, the active ingredient in Rybelsus, encourages the pancreas to release insulin, which helps move glucose (sugar) from the blood into cells for energy. This action stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces the chance of sudden energy swings that can make you crave high-calorie foods. Also, semaglutide effectively stops the production of glucagon. By controlling glucagon, Rybelsus keeps blood sugar levels steady and prevents excessive hunger caused by low blood sugar.

Drug Facts
Usual Adult Dose for Obesity and Diabetes Type 2:
Initial dose: 3 mg taken orally once a day for 10 - 30 days, then increase to 7 mg taken orally once a day.
Titration dose: If additional weight loss or sugar control is needed after receiving 7 mg/day for at least 10 - 30 days, the dose may increase to 14 mg orally once a day.
Maintenance dose: 7 to 14 mg orally once a day.
Maximum dose: 28 mg/day (taking two 14 mg tablets to achieve a 28 mg dose is not recommended).

Take this medication with a sip of plain water as directed by your doctor, usually once daily. Do not take it with any other beverage. Swallow the tablet whole. Do not split, chew or crush the tablet. Wait at least 30 minutes after taking semaglutide before you eat or drink anything other than plain water and before taking any other medication by mouth.
-For the best effect, you should eat 30 to 60 minutes after taking semaglutide.
-The dosage is based on your obesity, diabetic status and response to treatment.
-To reduce your risk of side effects, your doctor may direct you to start this medication at a low dose and gradually increase your dose. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully.
-Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, take it at the same time each day.

The most common side effects of RYBELSUS® may include nausea, stomach (abdominal) pain, diarrhea, decreased appetite, vomiting, and constipation. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are most common when you first start RYBELSUS®. Other rare side effects include:
- Inflammation of your pancreas (pancreatitis). Stop using RYBELSUS® and call your healthcare provider right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area (abdomen) that will not go away, with or without vomiting. You may feel the pain from your abdomen to your back.
-Changes in vision. Tell your healthcare provider if you have changes in vision during treatment with RYBELSUS®
- Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Your risk for getting low blood sugar may be higher if you use RYBELSUS® with another medicine that can cause low blood sugar, such as a sulfonylurea or insulin. Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar may include: dizziness or lightheadedness, blurred vision, anxiety, irritability or mood changes, sweating, slurred speech, hunger, confusion or drowsiness, shakiness, weakness, headache, fast heartbeat, and feeling jittery
- Kidney problems (kidney failure). In people who have kidney problems, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting may cause a loss of fluids (dehydration), which may cause kidney problems to get worse. It is important for you to drink fluids to help reduce your chance of dehydration
- Serious allergic reactions. Stop using RYBELSUS® and get medical help right away, if you have any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat; problems breathing or swallowing; severe rash or itching; fainting or feeling dizzy; or very rapid heartbeat
- Gallbladder problems. Gallbladder problems have happened in some people who take RYBELSUS®. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get symptoms of gallbladder problems, which may include: pain in your upper stomach (abdomen), yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice), fever, and clay-colored stools

Interaction :
Beta-blocker medications (such as metoprolol, propranolol, glaucoma eye drops such as timolol) may prevent the fast/pounding heartbeat you would usually feel when your blood sugar falls too low (hypoglycemia). Before you start, stop, or change any medication, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about how the medication may affect your blood sugar. Your doctor may need to adjust your medication, exercise program, or diet.

Storage :

Store at room temperature in the original container away from light and moisture. Keep all medications away from children and pets.


Call your doctor or emergency number if someone has overdosed and has serious symptoms such as passing out or trouble breathing, Learn the symptoms of high and low blood sugar and how to treat low blood sugar.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose, skip the missed dose. Take your next dose at the regular time. Do not double the dose to catch up.