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Kaskom Handwoven Organic Cotton Towel (Set of 6) - 1475193OWH-6

by Kaskom
₹ 3,500.00
Your towel should be a truly comforting part of your daily life. Kaskom's organic cotton towels have never been touched by any artificial chemicals - no pesticides, fertilisers, or dyes. These are unbleached and undyed - and even the thin line borders use plant-based dyes - harmless to the environment. These towels are soft & gentle and feel better with use.

Note: Being handspun, handwoven and unprocessed the towels will shrink by 8-10%. 

Ships in 2 Days
Weight (in gms) 130
Exchange We're sorry! No exchange on this product.
Body Color Off White
Wash Care Gentle Hand Wash

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The resilience and water efficiency of Karunganni cotton of Tamil Nadu, makes it ideal for organic cultivation. It is suited for rain-fed regions, thus not requiring water-intensive irrigation facilities. It also allows for intercropping of food crops, thus being a more sustainable form of agriculture. Our attempt is to revive the indigenous (native or desi) old world cotton varieties, which dates back to 5,000 years.

Kaskom is a farm to fabric initiative, which works to revitalise the Indian native cotton value chain. It promotes & produces hand-spun and hand-woven fabrics. These breathable fabrics are free from any fertilisers, pesticides or harsh chemicals.

We work with unbleached and undyed fabrics, which means the products are very close to nature. For dyed fabrics, we work with natural, that is vegetable or plant-based dyes. Kaskom is a product of love - love for our heritage, love for nature and love for our selves.