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Sharini Moonstone and Silver Necklace by Banswari BJM006

₹ 8,950.00
Fondly admired by the Romans, the Moonstone is believed to have been formed from solidified rays of the Moon. This gradient mala is made from the various colours of the Moonstone interspersed with silver beads. The neutral colours make it ideal for most occasions.
Material: Moonstone, Sterling Silver Beads
Length: 20 Inch
Other details: Back Rope

Urban, chic, beaded jewelry using natural gemstones sourced from around the world. Using modern production methods and techniques these gemstones are hand-cut, hand-polished and hand-finished by traditional, generational artisans in Jaipur, India. The natural gemstones used include Black Onyx, Flient, Mariam, and Mojave among others - allowing for a range of jewelry that includes warm earthy tones, cool blues, energizing greens and passionate reds.

People - the way they behave, what they wear and how they carry themselves – are the primary design inspiration. Banswari beaded jewellery is simply an interpretation of the woman of today. Through Banswari, we wish to offer simple, ‘non-fussy’ jewelry that complements the diverse wardrobe of a youthful woman. It is really jewelry for ‘NOW’ - not vintage, not futuristic.