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Temple Hopping or Saree Shopping, Don’t Miss These Impressive Buildings in Chennai

Temple Hopping or Saree Shopping, Don’t Miss These Impressive Buildings in Chennai

Chennai’s temples and its architecture has for long compelled visitors and tourists to make regular pilgrimages. What gets missed out are the other magnificent and impressive buildings across the city.

The next time around you are in Chennai, whether temple hopping or saree shopping, check these in your itinerary. If your agenda is saree shopping, a visit to Sarangi would be more than just a retail treat. The store is housed in a rustic bungalow that has become a landmark of sorts for saree lovers.

High Court Complex

When you’re looking at the Madras High Court, its bulbous dome, pointed arches and open pavilions, the seeds of Indo-Saracenic architecture are palpable. Not only is it impressive because of it visually attractive, it is believed to be the second largest judicial building in the world.

Chennai High Court

St. Andrews Church

One of the oldest, British era buildings in Chennai, it is supposedly the most expensive architecture during the British rule. With the Neo-Classical and Palladian style of architectural features, the building exudes a calm and peace with all white walls.

St. Andrews Church in Chennai

LIC Building

The first skyscraper of Chennai, the LIC building impresses in its height and size. Not only the first tallest, it is also the first building to have used the pile technique of construction. A minimalist structure with glass windows, it is one of the most popular landmarks in the city.

LIC Building in Chennai

Other buildings in the city

The Government Museum or Egmore Museum

The Victoria Public Hall

The Ripon Building

Fort St George

Senate House

Here, a dome structure, there a pointed arch. Here, a corporate glass skyscraper, there a fancy gleaming mall building… Chennai’s architectural landmarks are many.

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